The Passage Season 1 Episode 6 Review (2023)


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Everyone is China from paperweights.

And today I'm going to be revealing the passage season 1, episode 6 I want, to know what you taste like whoa.

We got to get to that bar.

But we gonna go ahead and get into the beginning of the episode.

So it opens open.

Basically, it picks up from where we left off.

When Amy basically pass out.

After she pushes Whiston, she screams and gets listened to jump off for Brad saves his life.

And so basically he um she's coming to.

And then Brad tells her like hey girl I don't know what you did see it's like how do you do that? Well she don't know, just like you don't, know, she just knew what to do to say girl behind and so basically she tells her, hey, don't, tell anyone what happened these? People are not to be trusted.

They're, trying to just do something crazy with you? Do not tell them all this stuff that you can do? Okay? So in the meantime, dr.

Lehrer has reunited with his wife who has been injected with the virus.

And so now she has her memory back and she's kind of telling him what was going on how what is his name, yo, doctor family, how doctor fami came to her.

And so that he catches her up with everything that's, basically his happiness.

She just like, oh, no, I didn't sign up for this.

And so she's, not okay with anything that they've been doing the fact that what happened to dr.


The fact they been infected all these people who are in death row.

And now that they've infected Amy in herself.

And so she was just like, hey, this ain't, the man that I fell in love with.

But now dr.

Leir is all conflicted he's feeling a certain type away.

He going to dr.

sites like did did the director shut this down and I was like god, no, dude, this man, I'm bout to shut this down.

And so he basically goes back to spend time with his wife, dr.

sighs, like look, ghosts meant I was your wife right now.

Are you not about to worry me, that's, not what she says she's been a concerned friend, but that's, really what she was saying cuz she had her own stuff that she was dealing with.

So basically dr.

Sykes has finally been visited by Shauna.

And so the beginning of the episode we kind of see this interaction with them when Shauna was first infected with the virus and how they were bonding, you know, she actually four favorites, like can I see a movie can I see the flashlight.

You know, what I'm here for anything Jeff Goldblum in it.

Clean point.

Okay, sorry, it's.

Just so beer.

Crush I, can't, help it.


So we see how they kind of share this moment where she sees the semicolon tattoo.

And so basically we find out that both of them tried to commit suicide at some point in their life.

And so they bond and get even closer.

And then we see where dr.

Seitz let her love.

Both hang Clark when she actually he's like where you going she's, looking wanna see a quiet place trying something to go see it.

And then he was just like you guys getting kind of closing the Mike's good, I know, you are in.

And when when y'all close did you make a promise to shine that you tonight, hold okay.

So we see how he was right, uh, you need company.

I was like.

Go ahead, clock and go ahead and get you a little booth.

So we see how they kind of got started with dating.

But we see that dr.

Sykes is still, you know, her and Clark are trying to beef and still because he lied about Shana, and so she's kind of trying to make sense of like what happened with their relationship.

And so we see towards the end of the episode actors, China finally reveals her stuff to doctors hikes.

And she was just like we were friends.

Okay, we was homies.

And then you said, she was always going to be there for me.

But as soon as I turned you disappeared out of nowhere and doctor, sighs like girl, says, chill, I, didn't know that you were still in there, and she was like girl, you know, don't lie to me.

And so she basically said, I'm coming for you I'm coming for everything that you won't.

Okay, I'm coming for.

You I'm coming for your man I'm coming for anything that you feel dear about that's, what I'm coming for and then she's like and then I'll go see what you taste like I said, sure you really came for her doctor say, she's gonna take that.

But now her boo, they said, we going freedom.

They might kill us.

We ain't going down without a fight.

And so just like, oh, but I really felt what Shawna has to say, I was just like mm, I, wasn't, ready for that.

But I love that you guys titled the episode that I want to see what you taste like I'm, just elated to all my enemies, not as probably not gonna sound right? They probably take that the wrong way.

So probably not do that I guess there's only works in the world of virals.

So let's get her on who she was.


Listen son, run.


And so back to the Amy and Brad.

So listen is on the run.

This viral who got away.

And so basically the director he's so creepy talking about, well, maybe you know Amy to help us.

And then Brad was like Hema.

And we can't help you then what Amy do I can see where he used to provide here all this information to this creeper director.

He just like, oh, that's.

Fantastic and I was just like, oh, my goodness Amy.

He told you just keep your mouth shut.

Why you don't, listen.

So basically she's help me trace him in the meantime Lila who we started with this random, dude, refers I was like who does our bow like I, don't, remember him from last week.

But then we find out that Clark sent an agent to go get Lila Stiles who whose answers Lila was doing too much shoes and everybody's business.

She was frozen people get people killed so I couldn't have that going on to her project Noah.

So he sent for her and then Brad Enzo find out what happened.

He knocks Vincent out.

He didn't I come out, but he punched him.

He shouldn't lock them out.

And so basically they killed Lila.

So I was with him the this lady ends up getting bitten by Winston.

And so we see that Lila ends up helping this lady.

And we see that the lady wake up and she's, not already tired like that.

So we know that the virus works quicker like whoever they're biting them.

And then of course, Clark and Brad come in to say today, they killed old girl.

But ol girl then go out without a fight child, I had put that light on her.

So everyone was reunited all this will Amy still not listen.

They be from the whole time and I'm, just like, yeah, Amy actually had to do one thing this whole episode since the beginning of the episode, she said, I need you to go? Get me my wrinkle in time book, okay, able wouldn't.

Let her go without this book, you shouldn't, either bad that's.

The only thing that Amy asked for she did everything y'all shy didn't, tell her to say - this episode with her just give her all the goods away just telling them everything, but y'all can't even do that for her.

So they've been beefing back and forth Lila has telling him like she's like a teenager like that's, what happens? And then you know, he's, kind of just sent a little cuz he's just like well, you know, our dog never made it to that point.

And so when we see that dr.

famiiy goes to Winston, light breath, here's a breath, but like that's kind of not a what he said, but that's what she said.

And so he would just like do what are you doing? We had a plan.

And you stood up here you want to do your own thing.

You want to go ahead and sneak out and stuff like who told you to do all of this.

And so what's was like look I'm looking out for myself, I, didn't have time to keep waiting on your plan.

I saw an opportunity I seize the day and I got the hell up thrown out of here.

And so then he tells them, hey, new mission, get your life to go ahead and kill Amy he's like I thought she wanted to like, uh, use Amy for your plant.

I was like right, I thought that you were using her for your plants.

Well, dr.

Fenton, it helps her - no Amy causing too many problems.

The girls got to go.

So once is looking for her.

He is a fine at her as they're trying to look for him using Amy to look for him, because she give it too much information to this creepy.

Director they end up fighting each other.

She runs away.

So he can chase her.

And then basically Brad comes back and saves the day help my girl out.

Then they share this I, let yourself, but I can't do this because I got a record.

And he basically tells her like I'm, sorry, I didn't, get your book and I was like well.

Damn Brad, I only took you how long to do that in the whole episode, but before I, even finish that when like she snapped back at him earlier in the episode was like, well, you were the one who kidnapped me.

I said, would I be damned.

She actually had a point you did try to kidnap her so I understand why you think she's supposed to trust you either, but they should have sent him in a moment because he was like I know, you mission mama, I lost my daughter, and she turns around and she looks at hill and I'm lookin at ya I'm, looking at her and I'm getting tears in my eyes, I didn't, a hug it out.

It always well, I'm, just like, oh, yeah.

So much.

Yeah, I just really touched my soul.


So we I think the episodes about saying, yeah.

But now we go back to dr.

training dr.


He always his fillings cuz, he's still mad that his wife is mad as hell.

His bike.

She just doesn't agree with this stuff.

And so he decides I'm just gonna kill these hoes right, I'm going to kill I'm gonna kill those vampires, because as Brad said, I, don't know, why I don't we call it a vampires I want to be all like scientific and call them virus.

They are vampires let's.

Stop doing this.

Okay, the rest of the season let's.

Go ahead call the vampires.

So doctor would just turn it like all the way up.

He said, I, don't care, no more I, give zero FS.

I'm, just gonna do what I like need to do I need to just end this once and for all.

And so basically we realized that we kind of get a glimpse like when Winston is killed.

And then basically all the people he bit died kind of like what happens in their originals like when an originalist kill like everyone that's like in their bloodline that was created from them.

They die.

We see that once he starts hurting dr.


He has the light that Amy.

Everybody else even dr.

lers wife starts to fall ill.

And then they have to run downstairs actor.

Sighs like do what you do is that they're all connected, and then he stops.

But then dr.

Fenton was like, you know what I'm gonna miss you up when I get to you that was like what I feel like why don't you do that? Man, you see how he was already mad at you before.

And now he really pissed at you.

You guys are screwed I, don't know what the heck he's gonna do, but I gotta give a shout-out to dr.

famine y'all.

He was spitting them facts.

Okay, when he was telling them, he was mentioned at Tuskegee.

The study was the study they did on syphilis when they were really affected.

You know, african-american men just kept it going infecting.

Alyssa, Phyllis I was just like you better speak.

Some facts.


And your black history might I see what you guys are doing I.

See you dr.

Finn, you better, keep speaking those facts.

Yes, sorry, got my ass, but I think there's got everything.

Let me see let me scroll through my notes, real quick, I think that's pretty much everything that I needed to cover can't, wait to see how China is gonna come for dr.

Sykes I was like Groppi rooting for you but say you kind of embed it.

Oh girl is she she not.

Let me go sis.

She ain't gonna let that go.

So those are pretty much my thoughts on the passage, season 1, episode 6, I want to know what you taste like is that yeah, that's a little cop.

It's, always.

My name is Shawna from payara weights.

And if you liked what you saw today, make sure you hit the like button, hit subscribe share this video with your friends and make sure you hit that notification bell and I will though.


The Passage Season 1 Episode 6 Review? ›

Despite some character missteps, and pacing issues, this action-packed horror-filled episode of The Passage was still quite good. The plot was weaker than last week, but not enough to throw off the show's forward momentum. Keep tabs with the news, reviews, and trailers for The Passage here.

Is there a season 2 of the passage? ›

The Passage has been cancelled so there won't be a second season.

Does The Passage end on a cliffhanger? ›

This is how the world ends: not with a bang but with a cliffhanger. As the first season of Fox's apocalyptic vampire epic The Passage comes to a close, a slew of virals — superhuman creatures who feast on blood — plot their escape while key characters race toward major turns.

How did The Passage end? ›

The season ends with a glimpse into the future as Amy takes out Virals in Palm Desert in the year 2116. This eventful ending had been foreshadowed all season with Amy's voiceover declaring, “This is how the world ends,” or, “In the end it was quick.

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