Synopsis of the project Online Test System - (2023)

Name of Students: Manvendra Jain 6I626 [emailprotected] Priyanka Dhodapkar [emailprotected] Swati Jain [emailprotected] Name of Superviser: Mr. Arpit Agrawal [emailprotected] Mr. Pratosh Bansal Information Technology Engineering

Online Test System is basically intended at developing software for providing an Online Test System for the students of I.E.T. We will be developing this software because of the following reasons:  Presently, if the teachers conduct any objective test, they have to check the answer sheets manually which is time consuming.  Students cannot do practice of attempting objective question papers.  Generation of results manually might result in errors. The Online Test System will be overcoming the above mentioned problems and will be providing the following features:  There will be a real time testing environment.  Test creation will become easier which will be including incorporation of new questions and deletion and modification of already existing questions periodically.  Paper pattern which includes duration of test, number of questions of various levels and marking scheme; will have flexibility, i.e. faculty will have such options.

 Results and the answers will be displayed instantaneously just after the completion of

 The records of the students will be updated in their profile after the completion of their

test for future references.  There will be different level of questions in the paper so that the judgement of student’s knowledge can be done efficiently.  There will be zero paper work.  Depending upon the type of user, our project will be divided into 3 parts namely, Student, Faculty and Administrator.  The students will have to get themselves registered before they proceed further. Keywords:  Marking scheme  Difficulty level  Users

Online Test System will provide a basis for effective fulfillment of conducting online tests as a replacement for the paper based tests which are conducted during the internals in the college. It is a generic software which is not specifically for I.E.T. but can be used by any college, school or institute. The only necessary condition for the usage of this software is that there should be following users:
 Administrator: He is the person who will be responsible for maintaining the whole

system. He will have access to the profile of every student which will give the record of the performance of that student in various tests he gave. He will be provided with the effective test system supervision.
 Faculty: He is the person who will be responsible for incorporating new questions of

different levels in the database. He will be given options for modifying as well as deleting the already existing questions. Further, he will be supposed to decide the question paper pattern, the marking scheme and the duration.
 Student: He is the person who will be appearing in the test which will be conducted

online by the faculty. He will know his result instantaneously. Also, he will get the

answers of the paper. Before all this, he will have to register himself or fill login-id and password if already registered.

There are certain problems prevailing presently while conducting tests which are as follows:  Right from making test papers, conducting test and giving results; everything has to be done manually.  The faculties need to keep record of questions of various levels of different subjects manually.  If any question needs to be removed, it has to be cut as it can’t be deleted.  If faculty feels like modifying any question or any of its options, then he will have to write the whole question again and cut the previous one.  Checking of answer sheets and generation of results has to be done manually which is time consuming and sometimes leads to errors.  Further, results and answers can’t be obtained instantaneously.  A lot of paper work is involved.  Performance reports have to be maintained manually for future references. The objectives of the proposed work include:  To provide an online test environment for the students.  updation.  To provide means for effective test system supervision to the administrator.  To provide instant results and answers of the test paper to the students.




We are aiming at providing an online test system which facilitates the creation of test in an online environment. It provides the following features: • • • • • • • Easy to use GUI (Graphical User Interface). Student, teacher authentication by assigning unique password for each. Separate question bank for each subject. Providing student with an online test. Instant display of results and automatic record updation. Options for administrator like: login creation for student and teacher, access the results etc. Options for teachers like: test creation, deciding paper pattern, updation of question bank, setting marking scheme.



Scalability: The software should run on every system. There is no such provision of license. Performance: There should be fast result computing and the software should be less error-prone.

3.2 ARCHITECTURE The architecture followed is Database Server Architecture which is also called two-tier architecture or Client Server Architecture. In this system, the client workstation is responsible for managing the user interface, including presentation logic, data processing logic and business rules logic. The database server is responsible for database storage, access and processing.

Using this architecture, we can assure several advantages:

a. The communication load is reduced as less data is sent across the LAN. b. User authorization, integrity checking, data dictionary maintenance, and query and update processing are all performed in one location, on the database server.

4.1 TOOLS NetBeans 5.5 is used as an Integrated Development Environment. 4.2 TECHNOLOGY J2EE (Enterprise Edition) for Server Side Programming Oracle 10G as database

4.3 PLATFORM Windows XP onwards will support the software 4.4 SOFTWARE SPECIFICATIONS Oracle 10g is required for database. J2EE, JDBC are required for server side programming. 4.5 HARDWARE SPECIFICATIONS Minimum RAM should be 512MB.

The Online Test System is having the following scope: ♦ It can be used by the institute itself for conducting objective tests of various subjects. ♦ It is a generic software, so it can be used by various other institutes, schools and colleges. ♦ The students nowadays face so many competitive exams which are objective. So they can prepare themselves by using this software personally. ♦ Even if the faculty doesn’t want to conduct test online, then he can atleast keep question bank and modify it by using this software. This will have a great impact on real life of students and teachers in following ways: ♦ The students will get used to in giving objective tests. So they will develop an approach of attempting objective papers which will help them out in various competitive exams. ♦ Time of faculty and students will be saved. ♦ Errors will be reduced greatly. ♦ Paper work by the faculties will not have to be done. ♦ Various institutes/schools can use it for conducting tests in various subjects.

The following outcome is expected from the Online Test System:  Real time online testing environment.  It should provide means for effective test system supervision to administrator.  Question papers must be generated with proper marking scheme and time duration.  Results must come instantly after the completion of test.  Result must be incorporated into the record of student for future references.  The faculty must be able to incorporate new questions, delete or modify old ones if needed.
 There should be a provision for the faculty for designing question paper, so that

he can set time duration, marking scheme and paper pattern.

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Ivan Bayross, Introduction to Oracle. James Goodwill, Pure JSP Java Server Pages (A code intensive premium reference) Peter den Haan, Lance Lavandowska, Sathya Narayana Panduranga and Krishnaraj Perrumal; Beginning JSP2: From Novice to Professionals James Turner, mySQL™ and JSP™ Web Applications: Data-Driven Programming Using Tomcat and MySQL

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