Quest 5 FINALE - Tanuki Trouble - Season of Passage | Sky Children of the Light - nastymold (2023)



Hello, everybody I'm nasty mold.

And can you believe it? We are already on our final quest of the season of Passage.

This season went by too fast.

I'm always really sad to see a season end, but it's, of course, quite bittersweet.

Because that means a new season is just around the corner.

So in the last one, we got the gorilla mask from the Prairie butterfly fields, the Moonlight Fields, even at night.

And we are going to start our final quest by talking to the quest.

Giffer let's, go, oh, they're.

Shaking their head.

Oh, my gosh, they're, always so disappointed.

The passage guide has crafted a mask to teach the passage of alignment.

We finally get our raccoon mask.

I love, little, raccoon, Jitters, they're.

So cute off.

The mass goes.


Guess we'll meet it somewhere journey across the Realms of Sky to find the mask and learn its Passage.

Oh where's.

The troublemaker.

Oh, my gosh, I forgot.

They were sent away the other kids have to pick them up.

Why are they so mean at least they're all going together? I guess, you know kind of sad though so this Quest takes place in the broken bridge area of the Hidden Forest.

But of course, at night time go to the mask near the bird G in Hidden Forest to begin the passage of alignment.

Oh, of course, I'll show you where we can find this mask I find this one's quite miscible it's, really in a weird spot, but let's head to the broken bridge area.

Oh there's, the cutscene High mask as soon as I enter the area.

It shows it on the left hand side, but it's so miscible because it's, right when you enter I think a lot of people would pass by it.

So for those who don't know where we are, this is the broken bridge.

We fly all the way past here.

And you can see segments of a bridge ahead and that's the temple at the end.

But we want to go to the very beginning of this area.

Because here we can find our raccoon mask, Light It, Up, hi raccoon, I'm really excited to have this mask it's.

My favorite one, let's sit down this mask offers to teach the passage of alignment rest near it until might fall.

Yeah, of course, and this Quest is absolutely gorgeous, I know, they're all so interesting and cool and the lighting is so unique.

But this one is so pretty it's got these flowers fireflies going down the river, the passage of alignment will begin shortly wait here.

Others will join you before it begins.

So again, we're in a bit of a waiting room, um 15 minutes for each one of these quests to start so wait around with some friends, um, you should see a lot of ghosts in your version and I'm wearing the mask it's cute.

And of course, you can spend this time exploring the area taking some pictures.

It really is super unique.

I love the glowing flowers, the grass.

And if you go too far, it will bring you back.

So you can't go all the way down you do have to stay sort of in the beginning area, all right I'm going to skip ahead to when this Quest starts.

Now the quest is about to start, but I wanted to show you guys really quick.

We have these fireflies or ashes going in between each of these little brazers here.

This is essentially the path that we are going to take going through this area and it's a little weird.

It might be a little finicky and a little bit confusing, what we're meant to do here.

But essentially they want us to make a line in between each brazer to pass along the light it's, a little confusing, but um I'll show you the quest has started the light stream's, Beauty, entices, a troublemaker in the Twilight, not a troublemaker.

You little stinker.

This little raccoon is busting all our lights.

And now we have to fix them disc disk re-establish, the light stream's path through the forest, Flora organize yourselves in a line to guide the stream through each flame.

So you see this blue glowing stream that I'm now holding we're going to want to bring it to each one of these little brazers.

So wait a second, oh I'm, looking the wrong way that was silly all right.

So this person's doing it properly.

They're carrying the light, and that works only for a certain amount of distance once it gets too far, you kind of have to line up and hold it and pass it to another sky.

Kids sort of like this I'm holding it and then it's being sent to that guy.

And then it goes into the light holding it passing it to them.

This can also be done completely alone, but you will very likely have a lot of people with you helping.

So these lights are starting to get further and further apart so you're going to want to make sure you're in a line formation to pass this blue light along so I'm going to hold it here, it's going to go to the next player.

And then they can light the light.

Now, obviously, when you're alone, I, think you can carry it all the way.

So I can't really show you, um, what it looks like when the light breaks until we go much further to get to them, but I'm, also walking all the way with a bunch of people I think you want to stop and hold it still now.

This one is very far so I think I can show you what it looks like when the light breaks I'm, just gonna follow this person very closely super far so we're running together.

Foreign disappeared.

You can see none of us are holding it that's.

Because one of us has to sort of pass the light along extend the longevity or the length of the light so I'll, hold it here to them, and they can light that one.

Hopefully this makes sense, I know, it was a little tricky.

When I first played this it's, a little bit of a teamwork exercise I'm, gonna do the same thing where maybe I will break the line again.

So you can see what it looks like sorry to this person who's with me and probably being very annoying.

This is also the final checkpoint.

So this one's quite easy.

So you're gonna want some people lined up along the water passing it along to the final person at the end, it broke too far.

Go back, hold it and pass it along there.

We go Quest is complete I know, it's a little confusing and a little tricky.

And now with each of these lit up again, the flowers are back and our troublemaking mask returns, Cottage core raccoon on you.

You look so cute, though bye.

So that is it for that Quest.

This passage can now be replayed to earn more light.

Oh, nice, we're heading back to the passage Stone.

And we are going to turn in our final quest to see the last cutscene of the season when I'm also excited for the Troublemaker to actually be included, I felt bad for them.

Thank you.


Are you kidding me so cute, all the masks are now together they've earned the respect of the passage guide, oh all right.

So now we can finally get our last free heart.

We can also get the Tanuki or raccoon mask for 52 candles.

And we have another item added, which is a foot bag or hacky sack prop.

So you can actually play hacky sack with your friends.

This is 39 Hearts so it's a little heart heavy a little bit expensive.

But of course, you don't have to buy it right now.

It will always be available from the passage guide.

Even after the season ends, look how cute the mural is now, where are the kids where'd? They go let's, find them.


Where are you guys? Are you up here? No, hmm.

I, found them they're all on the edge by these little, uh, Lantern things, that's, kind of sad.

I wish.

They were in the middle still.

They don't interact with you.


If you hear a weird, clunking sound, something's going on outside my house, I'm, just ignoring it I kind of don't like that they're over here.

I wish.

They were still in the middle.

You know, kind of like a bonded Community now, they're just I.

Guess they're being responsible kind of sad, though foreign.

Anyways, let's, take a close.

Look at the Cosmetics.

We can now purchase from the passage guide.

We have the raccoon or the Tanuki mask.

It matches the character very very well with the raccoon.

Cape I, just love the little face shape.

And the pointed ears all together very cute.

And then we have the hacky sack prop which looks like this on your back.

It kind of just looks like a weird little cushion.

But you can activate it, and you can actually play hacky sack alone or with friends, I do think it's a little more fun with friends for some reason I wasn't, getting it to work very well, maybe it's because I'm on a hill, I played it in home space with a bunch of people and I had that recorded, but I somehow must have lost that recording.

But you can see there's a little ball a little white.

Oh where'd.

It go.

It went into the sea into the drink, um, you can activate it.

And then as it goes up, you can see there's a white dot that's where it's Landing.

So if you're if you have a white dot, that means you're good, that means you can kick it.

If it turns red that means it's just out of your reach.

So you gotta move in that direction.

It's actually, pretty fun.

I think, it's just not working super good because I'm on a bit of a slope.

Instead of just flat ground, No, don't, kick it into the water again.

But yeah, it's quite fun with friends.

Um, I, haven't really worked out how to exactly kick it in a certain direction, but it's still very fun.

We oh I'm.

The worst hacky sack player ever.

And that is everything with the final season of Passage Quest.

Thank you guys so much as always for coming and joining me, I hope, you found this helpful, I hope you enjoyed and I will, of course, see you all in the next video? Okay? Bye.



How many candles are in the sky season of passage? ›

A total of 6 seasonal candles are available to gather, as follows: Each day the Passage Guide stands next to a Realm's portal, indicating where the day's four daily quests may be completed. Players will earn one seasonal candle per quest completed.

How can I get free sky candles? ›

You can collect Light from various sources in the game, mainly by lighting red candles and burning dark plants. You also receive regular Candles for completing Daily Quests when there is no active Season. During an active Season, the Daily Quests reward Seasonal Candles instead.

What is the max amount of candles in sky? ›

You can farm up to 18 candles per day if youre Lucky, its all realms tho.

How do you get the umbrella in Sky game? ›

It comes with 2 umbrellas and you can collect it from the seasonal NPC located in Hidden Forest or unlocking all of the Season of Lightseekers collectibles.

How do you get to the treehouse in Sky Children of the light? ›

The Treehouse

A tunnel on the right as you fly in from the Social Space (requires 1 Valley of Triumph spirit).

How do you unlock treehouse sky? ›

First, to get to the Treehouse, head to the Hidden Forest. At the exit from the social space, stand on the edge and a cutscene will point the way to a door that leads to a new area. Here you'll find the Treehouse and the Assembly Guide.

How many candles can you forge in sky? ›

A grand total of 5 Seasonal Candles can be obtained by all players each day, while Season Pass holders are eligible for a total of 6 Seasonal Candles per day.

How do you get unlimited seasonal candles in sky? ›

Seasonal Candles are obtained through a variety of activities:
  1. Forge a Seasonal Candle after collecting light from four clusters of Seasonal Candles. ...
  2. Complete Daily Quests offered by the Quest Giver NPC found in the Home space. ...
  3. Season Pass holders can collect a bonus daily Seasonal Candle in the Home space.

How much wax does grandma give? ›

Gives around 300 waxes per time, and has a limit of around 1000 waxes. This doesn't count as social light. Aaaand if you go there more than 'round twice to each, you'll receive no wax.

Can you give friends candles in sky? ›

To exchange light, tap on the other player and then on the candle flame icon that appears. If the other player reciprocates, the other player will perform the same steps so that both players touch candles. This action reveals each player's colored appearance to each other.

Where is the secret room in sky? ›

The Secret Area is found near the entrance to the Vault of Knowledge, in the area with the Spirit Stones of Vault and the Shrine back to Home. This is referred to as the first floor, but may also classify as a Social Space.

How do you get Anubis mask in sky? ›

Anubis mask was the ultimate gift for the Season of Prophecy, so it's impossible to acquire unfortunately. It's the ultimate gift from the Season of Prophecy, so it's not available anymore :( The Anubis mask is an ultimate gift from season of prophecy.

How do you fly in Sky game? ›

Slide your finger on the d-pad area to navigate in the air. You can think of this like a "hover" or "helicopter" mode. While in the air tap the open wing button, which appears above the jump button, to enable the ability to dive and climb. You can climb more in windy areas.

Can you finish Sky Children of the Light? ›

When you complete all six, you'll be able to access the seventh door, The Eye of Eden, which is the end of the game. You need to have found 20 Winged Lights (those glowing children that upgrade your cape power) to get through the door. But you should really try to collect as many wings as possible before going in.

Can you save Sky Children of the Light? ›

In Child of Light your progress is saved automatically during key moments of the game. When the game is saved the autosave icon will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Where is the little prince in sky children of the light? ›

The Little Prince can be found far out by the Icy peak of a mountain surrounded by clouds. There he hands over a ukulele that he found during a previous quest in the Underground Caverns of Hidden Forest (Quest # 2).

How do you get piggy back in sky? ›

The end of the cave contains a Candle Cake and a small boat carrying the 3 orbs mounted on a platform. At the end of the memory, you'll echo the Piggyback emote back to the Spirit.

How do you unlock wind path in sky? ›

Once the four candles have been delivered, the cloudy area of the Wind Paths will open up, and one Wind Path will be available. This Wind Path features in Quest #2.

How do you unlock the Hidden Forest in sky? ›

To enter, two players must use the Pouty Porter's Expression (stomp expression) simultaneously. In the next area, there are pots of Butterflies blocked by darkness. To enter the caverns ahead players can either release a deep call and fly partway up using butterflies, or climb the glowing fungi.

How many spirits are in the season of passage sky? ›

Season of Passage

Experience the memories of four young Spirits in Isle of Dawn, and share in the passages that brought them together as they navigate their way towards community. Join the community around you in turn to uncover the story of the Season as it unfolds through Seasonal Quests.

How many candles is one seasonal candle? ›

During the Season, Season Candle Packs containing 15 Season Candles are available to buy using real money from the Premium Candle Shop. Season Candles may also be bundled with other IAPs.

How often do candles reset in sky? ›

Daily. Daily Light refreshes. All Pieces of Light from Candles and Darkness Plants are reset and can be collected again, and the rate of forging Candles are reset to default (three chevrons). However, the "Daily Light Refreshed" notification will not be displayed until you collect some Wax or other sources of Light.

What happens to unused seasonal candles in sky? ›

At the end of the season, all leftover seasonal candles will be converted to regular candles in a 1:1 ratio. When you log in for the first time after the Season ends, you should see a popup similar to what is pictured below.

Where is the kiss spirit Sky? ›

Players who have completed at least Valley of Triumph can find this spirit in Hidden Forest to relive their memories and collect their unique 'Blow Kiss' expression.

How many spirits are in Sky Children? ›

There are 37 regular spirits in all. Reliving spirit memories and befriending them unlocks expressions, cosmetics and other collectibles. Regular spirits also reveal new map areas, by allowing Constellation Gates to be opened or by teaching you expressions needed to open special doors or puzzles.

Will Sky Children of the Light ever come to PC? ›

Sky: Children of the Light, the open-world adventure game from Santa Monica-based Thatgamecompany, will be released in late 2023 for PC via Steam. This coincides with the studio's 17th-anniversary celebration.

How much is 50 foot candles? ›

For example, 50 foot-candles would be 50 x 10.76 = 538 lumens.

How do you get more wings in sky? ›

Wing Buffs can only be collected once the player has traveled through all the realms and can then unlock them through Spirit Friendship Trees.

What happens if you lose all your winged light? ›

If the Winged Light isn't collected in time and disappears, it will reappear at random in one of the locations from which you previously collected a Winged Light.

Can you complete Eye of Eden? ›

Unlike in previous versions of Eye of Eden, there is no surviving. There is only one outcome. The goal is to deposit as many Winged Light as you can before you lose all of your power and die. There is a known glitch in which a player deposits their winged light, dies, then respawns next to the point of no return.

How many ascended candles can you get in Eden? ›

There are 63 statues total in the Eye of Eden. Grab as many of them as possible — an average run should get you about 12 Ascended Candles.

Do unused candles go bad? ›

Typical Shelf Life

For example, a paraffin candle with synthetic oils can last for years, while a candle made with vegetable wax and essential oils is best used within a few months. A good rule of thumb is to light a candle within 12 to 16 months of buying it.

Do unused candles expire? ›

The simple answer is no, candles do not expire if unopened. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to storage. Candle wax can absorb outside scents and moisture, so it's important to keep them in a cool, dry place. If stored properly, your luxury candles will last.

What happens when candles get old? ›

Organic, vegetable-based waxes like soy and coconut are more prone to breaking down over time. Once they start to degrade, the wick may become clogged and the candle will be difficult to light. On the other hand, paraffin and beeswax candles are more stable and can last almost indefinitely if stored correctly.

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