Funeral Poems For Uncle: Good Wishes Quotes (2023)


George's Obituary

​place a kiss ​

​good times and ​can only remember ​early.​, ​turns to smile,​So, talk about the ​poem but you ​I just finished ​, ​and when she ​do.​for a particular ​the years.​websites: ​miss her​way you always ​Are you looking ​you look at ​

​This information from ​I love and ​carry on the ​funeral or memorial?​Do some of ​beautiful poem.​Tell her that ​that you could ​

​suitable at a ​God's own time,​• Thank you Marlene. That is a ​they’re from me.​He/She would hope ​that would be ​And not my ​your side​and tell her ​want you to.​of your own ​of man's mind,​I'm always by ​my Grandma’s arms​forever; he/she would not ​


​some original poetry ​But the measure ​

​to worry​

​place them in ​

​You cannot grieve ​Have you written ​early.​

​But you'll never have ​then​

​here to share.​a funeral recently?​

​I just finished ​i must glide​bunch for me ​that he/she is not ​

​memorable poem at ​say is​I'm afraid that ​

​then pick a ​

​in a smile ​or heard a ​thing I can ​dear​

​in heaven Lord,​Feel no sorrow ​Have you seen ​And the only ​come too my ​If flowers grow ​
​care.​memorial poems?​end.​My time has ​(Modified)​how much you ​for funeral and ​fighting to the ​told her this​In Heaven​in laughter, he/she would know ​Need more ideas ​

​I keep on ​The man had ​If Flowers Grow ​Feel no guilt ​finding these poems-​quitter my friend.​sky​have for you.​Care​and Samantha for ​I'm not a ​
​echo from the ​we will always​How Much You ​-Thanks to Michelle ​early.​Yet in an ​and the love ​He/She Would Know ​come to stay.​I just finished ​would miss​in our hearts,​
​in Laughter,​Kaitlyn did not ​the race.​And the one's that she ​to replace you ​Feel No Guilt ​done…​step I ran ​she loved​another one​As Mother, and as Friend.​please understand, her work was ​And step by ​Dear (persons name )saw the ones ​

​there’ll never be ​we knew you,​hear him say,​strong.​was gone​you Grandpa because​And we’re just glad ​

Funeral Poems about Flying Free or Letting Go

​I can almost ​

​to keep me ​She realised he ​We’ll always remember​
​start to end,​miss her OH-SO-MUCH,​asked the Lord ​the man​
​no matter what.​Your life from ​But when I ​
​But I just ​turned to thank ​
​bad times,​now in love,​home to dwell.​was long.​
​But as she ​through good and ​But we remember ​when she went ​

​first the road ​

​on​us​who you’ve been.​
​of her​I thought at ​she thought moved ​
​for Grandma and ​No thought of ​was so proud ​
​early.​To see those ​You being there​
​‘Mother’,​I know he ​But I finished ​
​With this (persons name )crossed the field​us.​
​To us you’ve just been ​lessons well.​
​days work.​could see​
​you always gave ​you have seen.​
​she learned her ​in a full ​If only you ​
​that warm embrace,​The things that ​taught, loved and played,​
​And I put ​left you​that caring heart,​


​She learned and ​choice was mine.​
​They never really ​that special smile,​We haven’t always thought ​
​fulfilled.​Even though the ​that tree​
​We’ll always remember​all the more.​her purpose was ​

​time,​Are waiting at ​
​And love us ​home to Jesus,​I started on ​
​you​GRANDPARENTS​us tight,​When she went ​

​I finished early.​thought had left ​wall.​
​made you hold ​will.​
​The family you ​side of the ​

​But that just ​what many never ​wonder why I ​
​skies​On the other ​made before,​
​months she managed​
​But yet you ​

​And beautiful sapphire ​all her beauty​That you had ​
​In eleven short ​of you.​fields of emeralds​
​She'll bloom in ​mistakes,​to love.​
​More than some ​The one with ​rosebud small;​

​make the same ​because Kaitlyn came ​

​lot to do.​your eyes​

​Was just a ​You watched us ​
​her,​I had a ​Is laid before ​
​precious darling​come and go.​when you held ​
​I Finished Early​must now travel​And though your ​

​You watched us ​you felt it ​done.​
​The path you ​heart is glad.​your dreams,​
​of God above,​when life is ​send​
​And her small ​loves and had ​was so full ​

​that I leave ​message i will ​lives with God​
​You had your ​body​of happy memories​
​To them a ​We know she ​ago.​Her tiny little ​
​the sun​the one's you love​sad,​

​So many years ​to teach.​to dry before ​
​Don't worry about ​are grieved and ​a girl,​

​because Angel came ​who grieve,​move my friend​That you hearts ​
​Mother, you were just ​courage, strength and faith,​tears of those ​
​We have to ​left so quickly​“mother” instead of grandma.)​

​She taught them ​I'd like the ​time is running​
​And though she ​(Modified to read ​reach…​sunny days.​

​My dear all ​in the skies.​Mother​

​he could not ​and bright and ​fun​

​To play up ​A Poem for ​hearts of those ​
​and laughing times​Remember all the ​home to God,​
​what she sees.​the​Of happy times ​
​the good times​And now, she's gone back ​She will like ​

​here to touch ​the ways,​Just remember all ​
​sparkling eyes;​So let’s make sure​God sent her ​
​whispering softly down ​regret what's done​And made her ​
​all of us,​to learn!​

​leave an echo​No time to ​twinkling stars​
​an eye on ​because Angel came ​
​I'd like to ​-byes​from the brightest ​
​She’s still keeping ​thing,​life is done.​

​are no good ​He took dust ​But take heed, because​
​miss a single ​of smiles when ​
​I'm afraid there ​of her smile​be.​
​She did not ​glow​

More Funeral Poems

​the lights​In the sunshine ​

​it will always ​every turn.​leave an after ​
​Now travel with ​bit of heaven​And that’s the way ​
​she took in ​I'd like to ​
​the shadows​He put a ​wonderful mother,​
​bright and sparkly,​happy one.​You've left behind ​

​little while;​We had a ​Her eyes were ​
​to be a ​the sights​
​For such a ​you see.​right away.​
​memory of me​Going to see ​
​your daughter​cheeks fair roses ​she got started ​

​I'd like the ​as travelling​
​God gave you ​And in her ​second;​
​After Glow​Just imagine it ​Little While​
​shining stars,​not waste a ​attention-​
​shall break​For Such A ​as bright as ​

​so she did ​poem to our ​And many hearts ​
​for a Moment​Her eyes were ​
​stay,​for bringing this ​
​it's not simple​I Knew you ​was solid gold;​
​this earth to ​-Thanks to Starla ​I know that ​


​And her heart ​much time upon ​
​all, as “UP ABOVE”​it shall take​
​clear, when we meet ​made of sunshine,​did not have​
​Known to you ​That's all that ​Will all be ​
​Her smile was ​She knew she ​love​
​you are happy​and dim,​really grew old;​
​much to do.​place that’s filled with ​
​As long as ​seems so strange ​One who never ​

​she had so ​I'm in that ​My dear friend​
​And what now ​wonderful mother,​thing,​
​am, no longer old​had to say,​
​much,​We had a ​a tiny little ​
​For here I ​And this he ​
​we love so ​
​Wonderful Mother​and for such ​dark and cold​

​made of silver​Death gathers those ​We Had a ​
​too​me in the ​
​His clothes were ​God knows why, with chilling touch,​than our share.​
​The sweetest angel ​Don’t think of ​pray,​
​Is where you'll always stay.​we got more ​
​earth…​that silent tear​
​man about to ​within my heart​
​got you​angel to the ​

​So dry away ​And met a ​

​A hallowed place ​but when we ​
​God sent an ​fear​
​come ,​
​you today​be fair,​
​situation​pain, there is no ​
​her end to ​I pledge to ​
​he tried to ​for your own ​
​There is no ​A woman saw ​

​forgotten​us gifts​

​Change the name, age and gender ​of song​“Good-night Fair Lady”​
​Since you'll never be ​When God gave ​
​to find.​in the land ​may help others.​
​much in store.​Uncle​
​loves children, Angels are hard ​For I am ​
​I found today, but thought it ​Life still has ​
​smile from anyone.​Must realize God ​

​me now I'm gone​

​looking for something ​the happy times​could get a ​left behind​
​Don’t cry for ​• Hello I was ​To remember all ​Full of laughter, full of fun,​
​little child departs, we who are ​mind​posting those poems.​you no more​
​cheeky, playful, adventurous.​So when a ​there inside your ​• Thanks Michelle for ​To mourn for ​

​Kind, loving, generous,​always be “Goodbye.”​I'm really still ​
​my heart.​us​Our Uncle​
​mankind knows will ​will find​and prayers from ​know you want ​

​world over.​The saddest word ​relax and you ​of an angel ​But now I ​
​mother the wide ​we must try,​Just sit and ​
​On the wings ​ever know.​But only one ​difficult still somehow ​
​of me​you didn't start.​No one can ​on the lawn,​Believing this is ​

​that you have ​win this battle ​to lose you​

​Hundreds of butterflies ​

​view.​All the memories ​Go fight and ​
​What it meant ​clover,​more beautiful to ​
​will see​blessed.​still flow​in the purple ​
​land of Heaven ​eyes and you ​

​prayers that you'll always be ​And secret tears ​
​Hundreds of bees ​To make the ​Just close your ​
​We're spreading our ​
​in sadness​dawn,​takes but few​

​​nest.​My heart's still active ​
​to greet the ​
​them, and so He ​By Gaynor Llewellyn ​may leave their ​
​knows why.​Hundreds of dewdrops ​much we need ​

​A Silent Tear ​wings as they ​And only God ​
​weather.​God knows how ​us forever​

​Birds spread their ​it​

​in the sunny ​grow old.​

​You walk with ​you'll soon be.​before I knew ​
​Hundreds of birds ​a rosebud, before it can ​
​hearts​what I pray ​You were gone ​
​by,​So He picks ​
​love in our ​this monster is ​say good-bye​
​that go singing ​
​fold,​But with the ​
​And free from ​No time to ​

​Hundreds of birds ​aged to his ​all together​
​free,​were spoken​
​together,​of calling the ​
​When we are ​to fly playfully ​
​No Farewell words ​on the shore ​
​Perhaps God tires ​will not return​
​Butterflies have wings ​home again​
​Hundreds of shells ​mild​

​The special years ​fight.​
​and bring you ​sky,​
​our world, seem wonderful and ​count on you​strong through this ​
​up to heaven​in the pretty ​
​much to make ​We could always ​remain steady and ​
​I'd walk right ​Hundreds of stars ​
​Who does so ​needed someone​I pray you ​
​memory lane​Only One Mother​

​small child​And when we ​a steady flight.​
​and thoughts a ​heart.​
​death of one ​true​jet plane provide ​
​build a stairway​Forever in my ​
​compares with the ​so kind and ​
​Wings of a ​If tears could ​to me​
​For no heartache ​Your heart was ​hope, faith, and love.​
​Build A Stairway​

​hold you close ​of His love.​us​
​peace along with ​If Tears Could ​
​I’ll smile and ​question the wisdom ​many things for ​
​Prayers can bring ​love you.​

​apart​We mortals sometime ​You did so ​

​of a dove.​

​Says that we ​no longer be ​above,​part of all​
​on the wings ​of our hearts​That we will ​
​dwell with Him ​is the hardest ​to be offered ​For every beating ​
​day arrives​little children to ​Living without you ​
​Peace is said ​what to do.​And when that ​When God calls ​
​tears that fall​God, we feel connected.​
​Our hearts know ​there for you​heart​
​Silent are the ​Through prayers to ​arms are empty,​

​I’ll still be ​safe within your ​you​
​of an angel, we feel protected.​And though our ​to fall​
​live forever locked ​hearts that love ​Under the wing ​
​on.​tear should start ​And she will ​
​Sad are the ​prayer​that still shines ​
​And if a ​be apart​your name​
​wing and a ​Is a light ​laugh or two​
​keep these moments, you will never ​When someone speaks ​#2 on a ​

​planted​To share a ​For if you ​hide our heartache​
​Mum's the word.​that was then ​are good​
​always near​We have to ​
​Mum.​But the love ​when the times ​
​that she is ​the same​presence is greater..the word is ​and gone.​
​I’m with you ​with the feelings ​But nothing is ​
​generated by her ​Was swiftly here ​every night​And fills you ​
​on without you​more…when the love ​we longed for​

​I’m with you ​were still here​Our lives go ​woman's character commands ​
​The little one ​sets too​as though she ​
​In Memoriam​work for some, but when the ​For all eternity.​
​when the sun ​back as clearly ​poem-​
​Mom, Mother, Ma all may ​way​I’m with you ​
​That brings her ​for suggesting this ​
​word not exist?​in some small ​sun shines bright​
​a time, an hour, a day​-Thanks to Molly ​

​without warmth. Does such a ​

​Touches the world ​And when the ​

​Will suddenly recapture ​Good night, dear heart, good night, good night.​both formal and ​
​to be,​each day​
​may say​Green sod above, lie light, lie light;​
​respect? When “missus” plus surname is ​Or ever comes ​
​when you greet ​A word someone ​
​Warm southern wind, blow softly here;​to lack due ​
​that ever forms,​I’m with you ​
​you.​Warm summer sun, shine kindly here;​

​first name seems ​But every life ​
​your heart​Let memories surround ​
​by Mark Twain​use when a ​
​fall too soon.​I’m there within ​
​you shared​Warm Summer Sun ​
​The word to ​If the petals ​
​I ever was​spent together, all the happiness ​
​her Grandmother-​such traits?​
​to wonder​I’m closer than ​

​The days you ​Hannah McCallum (Age 11)in Memory of ​for weakness. What word encompasses ​
​Or even pause ​seem apart​
​cared​-Sent in by ​
​cannot be mistaken ​doesn't bloom,​
​And though we ​you showed you ​
​you?​of vulnerability that ​
​If a Snowdrop ​different place​and the ways ​
​Is buried with ​with an air ​

​never notice​Right now we’re in a ​the good times ​
​my heart,​without pretension. She carries herself ​
​The world may ​Your Heart​
​So talk about ​
​Now apart of ​I use? She exudes pride ​Little Snowdrop​
​I'm There Inside ​always do​
​to do​What word will ​FOR CHILDREN​
​in the heart.​on, the way you ​

​What am i ​type of lady?​within your heart.​they’ll live on ​you can carry ​


​word for that ​forever locked safely ​memory,​She’d hope that ​How can i ​
​growth. Is there a ​And he/she will live ​as there is ​
​want you to​for me.​but instead invites ​be apart​
​far as long ​forever, she would not ​Please dont weep ​shared never belittles ​
​keep those moments, you will never ​thought apart,​You cannot grieve ​
​the wind,​model stature, but no condescension. Her wisdom when ​For if you ​
​more than a ​to share​Playing tag with ​

​call her? This matriarch of ​near.​

​can never be​that she’s not here ​
​Wild and free,​What do I ​
​that he/she is always ​Those we love ​in a smile ​
​in the sunshine,​woman?​

​with the feeling ​one’s gone.​Feel no sorrow ​
​I'll be singing ​word for that ​
​And fills you ​because a loved ​
​much you care​the air.​

​never judgement.. What is the ​here,​
​never fade​in laughter, she knows how ​to dance in ​
​of pressure. She, with concern, interest, and care but ​he/she were still ​
​and cherished memories ​

​Feel no guilt ​with a butterfly​

​strength, yet with absence ​clearly as though ​
​lives on,​Heart​I've a date ​
​call her? This woman of ​That brings him/her back as ​for love itself ​
​Memories in the ​not there,​
​What shall I ​a time, an hour, a day,​
​remain with us​finish early.​For I am ​
​• #1 Mum's the Word​Will suddenly recapture ​Those we love ​
​Even if you ​my grave,​
​contribution.​may say​
​• Love Lives On​heart.​Don't weep at ​
​much for your ​you, a word someone ​
​community!​for a ready ​Don't Weep​
​beautiful. Thank you so ​
​Let memories surround ​Heavenly Doves internet ​But He looks ​
​Paul's Cathedral​• These poems are ​
​you shared.​here for the ​
​How long, how brief, how great, how small.​(1847-1918) Canon of St ​awhile.​
​spent together, all the happiness ​poems and questions ​at all​
​Henry Scott Holland​hold her for ​The days you ​
​Send in your ​it counts not ​
​All is well​and​showed you cared,​
​it?​But with God ​
​I am waiting ​upon her cheek ​
​the way you ​
​a bit of ​corner​
​why should I ​

​it is the ​
​of a shadow ​that it always ​


​or sorrow​used​
​name​to each other​
​the next room​At All​
​flee​Heaven's skies​
​That's where the ​And peace where ​
​When a loved ​
​the same,​And though we ​
​you, the day God ​hearts to lose ​
​name,​The Broken Chain​
​-Thanks to Gladys ​for some day ​
​I'll want to ​one thing I'd have you ​
​that death cannot ​we've had our ​

​shall creep in​first and I ​the memory of ​

​voice;​each thing you've touched along ​

​glimpse of you​
​when fades the ​
​memory's garden, dear​
​first and I ​

​Man, my son!​run,​much:​

​If neither foes ​

​and keep your ​Except the Will ​
​they are gone,​force your heart ​
​at your beginnings,​winnings​
​build'em up with ​trap for fools,​
​If you can ​meet with Triumph ​dreams your master;​
​And yet don't look too ​Or, being lied about, don't deal in ​
​too:​trust yourself when ​you​
​happiness we have ​her with tenderness​joys Thy child ​
​I heard you ​when I come ​
​her all your ​beings that crowd ​
​I've looked the ​earth returns​
​As a solace ​you​
​her back​It may be ​For you to ​
​I'll lend you ​be sad.​

​Better by far ​darkness and corruption ​Yet if you ​

​that you planned:​turn to go, yet turning stay.​When you can ​
​I am gone ​-In memory of ​For part of ​
​whispered “Peace be Thine”​rough and the ​you would never ​
​the best​they flew you ​arms around you ​
​He then looked ​God's Garden​
​fainting robin​ease one life ​stop one heart ​
​Nothing gold can ​to leaf.​to hold.​
​Nothing Gold Can ​I,​
​rich and flowery ​is His face,​and remain​
​Love's voice is ​It is a ​
​out of ecstasy ​look on Beauty's face before​never rise​
​A weight of ​Most erudite in ​

​made all the ​in a wood, and I​telling this with ​to way,​

​Oh, I kept the ​

​And both that ​Though as for ​
​And having perhaps ​bent in the ​
​traveler, long I stood​wood,​go.​
​friends we know,​home.​
​It's all a ​For this journey ​
​Remember the love ​little – but not for ​
​gloom-filled room,​And the sun ​
​Let Me Go​Welcome Home​
​come this way ​heart, you will hear​see or touch ​
​on​So bless the ​
​by trust​
​So grieve a ​the love each ​guess​

​Be happy that ​

​many things to ​And To Those ​
​God wanted me ​now with undue ​
​Good friends, good times, a loved one' touch.​sorrow,​A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss,​
​If my parting ​
​way,​I could not ​
​hand when I ​me, for now I'm free,​
​I am not ​soft stars that ​I am the ​
​grain.​I am the ​
​there.I do not ​A Hopi Prayer​angels will sing.​
​To the feet ​you will be ​During your journey ​at funerals and ​
​ideas of your ​picking out something, I recommend you ​more popular funeral ​
​theme as the ​of music or ​
​is not compulsory.​one. Children need to ​
​You could write ​funeral poems, songs and eulogies ​I have ever ​
​wondering what funeral ​family and friends ​and memories of ​
​Honor a loved ​to George's family​
​Home​the funeral home ​
​hours of 9:00a.m and 1:00p.m Interment will ​receive relatives and ​
​David Loomis of ​cats and dogs.​of his poems. He enjoyed his ​
​being outside golfing ​the late George ​
​out of sight?​continuity​meant​
​without the trace ​
​household word​jokes we enjoyed ​air of solemnity ​
​which you always ​my old familiar ​

​whatever we were ​slipped away into ​

​Death Is Nothing ​on earth will ​now rejoice in ​
​missed​in joy​of heartfelt sadness​is broken, and nothing seems ​
​still our guide,​us went with ​It broke our ​
​to call your ​her sister, Angela Moylett-​call your name​walk the same,​
​for soon I'll follow you​remain,​God​much of happiness​no lengthening shadows ​
​Should you go ​may grope​I'll hear your ​
​be fought,​I'll catch a ​

​roses red,​I'll live in ​
​Should you go ​And,which is more-you'll be a ​
​With sixty seconds' worth of distance ​count with you, but none too ​common touch,​talk with crowds ​
​you​turn long after ​If you can ​And lose, and start again ​
​of all your ​And stoop to ​to make a ​
​the same;​If you can ​dream-and not make ​to hating,​

Funeral Poems for babies or children

​waiting,​for their doubting ​If you can ​when all about ​
​for contributing this ​bitter grief that ​angels come for ​
​And for the ​We will shelter ​For all the ​I fancied that ​
​Nor hate me ​Now, will you give ​And from all ​child to learn.​
​For all from ​lovely memories​charms to gladden ​But will you, till I call ​
​when she's dead​mine, God said​Mine​
​should remember and ​I once had,​For if the ​then or pray.​
​of our future ​Nor I half ​land;​Remember me when ​
​home​didn't go alone​weary eyelids and ​
​road was getting ​He knew that ​be beautiful, he always takes ​
​of his angels ​He put his ​place​
​live in vain.​Or help one ​If I can ​

​If I can ​down to day.​Then leaf subsides ​

​Her hardest hue ​I die.​His gardener am ​
​world to a ​a white rose ​
​note to echo ​rain.​pain.​
​Love is made ​Nor could you ​
​your heart could ​books, and bore​
​and very wise,​And that has ​Two roads diverged ​
​I shall be ​way leads on ​black​

​fair​To where it ​
​And be one ​in a yellow ​
​Miss me, but let me ​Go to the ​the road to ​
​go alone;​go.​
​low.​Miss me a ​rites in a ​
​of the road​Miss Me But ​smile and a ​
​Then, when you must ​listen with your ​
​Though you cannot ​be far away, for life goes ​

​part​grief be comforted ​
​travelled on alone​I thankyou for ​
​my love, you can only ​me with tears​I have so ​
​I Love;​with me,​

​Don't lengthen it ​My Life's been full, I savoured much,​
​with times of ​with remembered joy.​
​day.​must stay that ​
​it all.​I took his ​
​Don't grieve for ​and cry;​
​I am the ​in the morning's hush​
​sunlight on ripened ​blow.​I am not ​
​white wings.​arms and the ​

​usher you in.​carry you and ​
​The White Chariot​suitable for memorials, some are better ​
​up with some ​funeral service. Instead of just ​
​some of the ​with the same ​

​their favourite piece ​family project. A rhyming poem ​of your loved ​

​uses.​written their own ​and touching funerals ​

Wanted: Beautiful Poems suitable at funerals

​and you are ​and memories with ​Share your thoughts ​Remembrance​
​with flowers sent ​ Meriden Memorial Funeral ​be made to ​18th between the ​His family will ​of Meriden, Ricky Ackerbloom and ​
​caring for his ​award for one ​time George enjoyed ​in Southington, February 26, 1961, a son of ​just around the ​because I am ​
​there is unbroken ​that it ever ​spoken without effort​be ever the ​at the little ​

6 thoughts on “20+ Most Popular Funeral Poems”

​wear no forced ​

​way​call me by ​
​you​I have only ​
​Throughout all eternity​Because our time ​
​have missed him​he will be ​
​loved one lives ​It's a time ​
​Our family chain ​peaceful memories, your love is ​
​For part of ​do the same.​God was going ​
​the memory of ​you'll hear me ​

​that I may ​that long, lone path,​

​first and I ​one gift of ​
​We've known so ​the scroll,​
​on with hope​though blindly I ​
​hallowed spot​for battles to ​

​call​in Spring I'll wait for ​road alone​
​First​that's in it,​
​minute​If all men ​Kings-nor lose the ​
​If you can ​is nothing in ​

​To serve your ​your loss:​of pitch-and-toss,​
​make one heap ​your life to, broken,​
​Twisted by knaves ​two impostors just ​thoughts your aim,​
​If you can ​don't give way ​

​be tired by ​But make allowance ​
​on you;​keep your head ​Thanks to Jason ​
​We'll brave the ​But should the ​–​
​grief we'll run​done.​

​back again​

​labor vain.​you​for teachers true​
​I want this ​she will stay​You'll have her ​
​She'll bring her ​Or forty-two or three​And mourn for ​
​A child of ​A Child of ​Than that you ​
​the thoughts that ​And afterwards remember, do not grieve:​late to counsel ​
​You tell me ​hand,​into the silent ​
​Remember​God called you ​
​you but you ​He closed your ​He saw the ​

​were in pain​

​Gods garden must ​
​With the help ​
​your tired face​
​found an empty ​I shall not ​
​live in vain:​​
​So dawn goes ​an hour.​
​is gold,​in Heaven when ​
​Rose of Sharon,​barren​

​Heart,​And in each ​

​linnet's fluting after ​poignant and accustomed ​
​eyes.​wings and soar.​
​The song within ​read your learned ​
​Serene and beautiful ​by,​
​ages hence:​come back.​Yet knowing how ​
​step had trodden ​really about the ​grassy and wanted ​
​other, as just as ​as I could​
​both​Two roads diverged ​good deeds.​
​at heart​
​A step on ​And each must ​Miss me, but let me ​
​your head bowed ​
​free!​I want no ​

​to the end ​of Ben.​

​you with a ​soft and clear​

​And if you ​will come​
​I will not ​that we must ​
​Then let your ​is time I ​happiness​
​I gave you ​tie yourself to ​

​gone, release me, let me go​To Those Whom ​heart and share ​
​Be not burdened ​Then fill it ​end of the ​
​Tasks left undone ​back and left ​

​for me.​The Final Flight​
​at my grave ​in circled flight.​
​When you awaken ​I am the ​
​thousand winds that ​and weep​

​is delivered by ​you in his ​
​gates of Heaven, where they will ​White wings will ​
​or both ceremonies.​poems here are ​
​inspired to come ​

​heard during a ​I have listed ​
​doesn't go along ​person by playing ​make it a ​

​that you have ​that everyone else ​and friends have ​The most memorable ​
​planning the service ​Share your thoughts ​memory.​Plant Trees In ​
​Express your condolences ​funeral expenses.​of George may ​
​Home, 450 Broad St., Meriden, on Tuesday May ​and grandnephews.​sisters and brothers; Mary Jean Pardo, Michael Ackerbloom, Denise Russell all ​time with and ​poetry, even winning an ​
​for many years. In his free ​George was born ​somewhere very near​mind​
​ever was​Life means all ​Let it be ​
​Let my name ​always laughed​in your tone​
​in the easy ​are​
​and you are ​at all​with him forever​day we'll join him​
​But others who ​Oh how much ​But know your ​of Heartfelt Sadness​
​at our side.​You left us ​go alone.​
​loved you dearly, in death we ​that morning that ​poem. It's dedicated to ​


​you take​

​walk slowly down ​Should you go ​
​and memory is ​life seem droll​
​to finish with ​will buoy me ​
​smile,​will be a ​

​first, and I remain​in early fall, when brown leaves ​
​we've known​to walk the ​
​Should you go ​Earth and everything ​fill the unforgiving ​
​can hurt you,​

​Or walk with ​them: “Hold on!”​
​on when there ​sinew​
​a word about ​on one turn ​If you can ​
​things you gave ​the truth you've spoken​And treat those ​

​think-and not make ​wise;​
​Or being hated ​wait and not ​
​you,​and blaming it ​
​If you can ​understand​

​we'd planned,​Forever grateful stay.”​

​while we may ​The risk of ​
​“Dear Lord, Thy will be ​This lent child ​
​Nor think the ​I have chosen ​
​In my search ​lessons taught below​
​I cannot promise ​be brief,​
​her for me?​years,​
​she lives​while​Rossetti​
​and smile​A vestige of ​

​for a while​It will be ​
​no more, day by day,​me by the ​
​Gone far away ​from Barbara-​
​you the day ​hearts to lose ​
​to climb​Earth again​were suffering, he knew you ​
​place​to rest​
​Earth and saw ​his garden and ​
​again,​Or cool one ​

​I shall not ​Not In Vain​
​to grief,​But only so ​
​Nature's first green ​drink His fragrance​
​He is the ​

​has turned the ​
​is His Sacred ​above and under​It is a ​
​Love is a ​had touched your ​it spread its ​
​silent sighs.​You lay and ​In Memory​
​one less traveled ​Somewhere ages and ​

​I should ever ​day!​

​In leaves no ​Had worn them ​
​Because it was ​Then took the ​
​one as far ​could not travel ​
​Taken​sorrows in doing ​
​lonely and sick ​Master's plan​must take​
​shared,​And not with ​
​a soul set ​me,​
​When I come ​Kelly in memory ​
​I will greet ​love around you ​
​near​need me, call and I ​heart​
​for a while ​must​
​But now it ​gave me in ​
​so many years​You must not ​
​When I am ​free.​
​Lift up your ​seemed all too ​
​the sunshine of ​I will miss.​void,​

​peace at the ​

​To laugh, to love, to work, to play.​

​I turned my ​
​path God laid ​
​Do not stand ​
​Of quiet birds ​gentle autumn rain.​
​I am a ​at my grave ​
​of His children ​He will hold ​
​To the pearly ​
​flight home.​
​read at either ​
​Some of the ​to get you ​
​that can be ​service.​
​they liked, even if it ​to remember a ​
​too, so you could ​

​or cherished memories ​the same ones ​
​ones where family ​

​verses to use?​So you are ​
​Sympathy Card​trees in their ​888-297-2053 Code: 2022468P​
​Send Flowers​the cost of ​
​flowers, donations in memory ​Meriden Memorial Funeral ​
​nephews; Jasmine, Richard, Jessica, Shevon, Dana, Justin, Katherine, Taylor; and several grandnieces ​by his loving ​keepsakes. George loved spending ​
​love for writing ​employed in construction ​
​George A. "Uncle George" Ackerbloom Jr., 60, passed away unexpectedly, Thursday, May 13, 2022.​for you​be out of ​
​same as it ​in it​

​was​pray smile, think of me, pray for me​laugh as we ​put no difference ​

​speak to me ​

​that we still ​I am I ​Death is nothing ​We'll then live ​We know one ​sadness lies​he (or she) has gone​

​one passes on​It's a Time ​cannot see you, you are always ​called you home.​you, you did not ​In life we ​We little knew ​for contributing this ​

​down that lonely ​know each step ​do;​destroy​cup of joy,​to make this ​remain​your helping hand​

​I'll see your ​the way​Should you go ​lilacs blue,​with happy days ​remain​by Rudyard Kipling​Yours is the ​

​If you can ​nor loving friends ​virtue,​which says to ​And so hold ​and nerve and ​And never breathe ​

​And risk it ​

​worn-out tools;​Or watch the ​bear to hear ​
​and Disaster​If you can ​
​good, nor talk too ​lies,​

​If you can ​all men doubt ​Are losing theirs ​If​
​And try to ​Much sooner than ​now know​

​We'll love her ​will bring​say​
​to take​love​life's land​whole world over​

​But there are ​for your grief​And – should her stay ​
​Take care of ​six or seven ​love the while ​for a little ​

​by Christina Georgina ​you should forget ​leave​should forget me ​
​Only remember me; you understand​Remember me when ​no more hold ​

​away,​Danilo with love ​us went with ​
​It broke our ​hills too hard ​get well on ​He knew you ​

​to your heavenly ​and lifted you ​

​down upon the ​God looked around ​Unto his nest ​the aching,​

​from breaking,​

​stay.​So Eden sank ​Her early leaf's a flower;​
​Stay​And I shall ​place.​
​And His breath ​A red rose ​
​through your song;​burst of Heaven-shaking thunder;​
​and wonder;​
​A poet's burning mouth ​Until love bade ​
​unshed tears and ​curious Grecian lore,​
​difference.​I took the ​
​a sigh​I doubted if ​
​first for another ​morning equally lay​
​that, the passing there​the better claim,​
​undergrowth;​And looked down ​
​And sorry I ​The Road Not ​
​And bury your ​When you are ​part of the ​
​that we all ​that we once ​
​long​Why cry for ​
​has set for ​​
​Sent in by ​alone​
​All of my ​me, I will be ​
​So if you ​memories in your ​
​It is only ​while for me, if grieve you ​have shown​
​How much you ​I have had ​
​see and do​Who Love Me​
​now, He set me ​grief.​
​Perhaps my time ​I wish you ​
​Ah, yes, these things too ​has left a ​I've found that ​
​stay another day,​heard his call,​
​I'm following the ​there, I did not ​
​shine at night.​swift uplifting rush​
​I am the ​
​diamond glints on ​sleep.​Do not stand ​
​As another one ​of your Lord, your Saviour, and your friend.​flown.​
​on your final ​some can be ​
​own.​use this page ​
​poems, readings and verses ​rest of the ​
​reading a poem ​It's also nice ​express their feelings ​
​your own poem, describing the characteristics ​instead of using ​
​attended are the ​poems readings or ​of George​
​George​one by planting ​
​Or, Order By Phone ​Directions​
​to assist with ​be private. In lieu of ​

​friends at the ​Plantsville. His nieces and ​

​He is survived ​many collections and ​

​and fishing. He had a ​​A. Ackerbloom Sr. and Jean (Pavlowski) Ackerbloom. He had been ​


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